Sicily is a gorgeous land full of vacation options ranging from beatiful beaches and boat tours to quiet, medieval villages and dramatic Greek and Roman temples. The latest trend in turism is the agriturismo ( farmhouse) , the farm holiday. Guests stay in a room on a farm where meals are one of attractions. A typical agriturismo produces most of what arrives on the table: meat, chees, olives, fresh fruit and vegetables, wine and pasta.

We, the Sicilians are depositaries of an ancient culture, that comes from almost three thousand years of history, not yet contaminated by the modernity. n important and integral part of this heritage is the sacredness of the guest that visits our land and our house. The hospitality has to be always from friends to put you really get ease even if you are unknown.


img_intro_01The Farmhouse "Drago", ideal for the one who wants to spend calm and relaxing stays among the beauties of the Sicilian landscape, it is an ancient nineteenth-century Sicilian beam surrounded by the farm "Dragofosso" of 140 hectares, situated to few kilometers from Piazza Armerina with the famous Roman Villa del Casale - UNESCO World Heritage , Aidone and Caltagirone, recently restructured by the family Pocorobba.

Also maintaining her ancient characteristics, the building offers the modern whole comforts for a pleasant vacation between expanses of olive-groves, vineyards and pannings views on the Erei mountains in central Sicily

The inside is composed of 9 doubles rooms, all endowed with independent services ,air conditioning ,tv, with ceiling in cooked Sicilian tiling and beams to sight. Besides, an ample and comforting dining room, also used for party, a room conferences and a pleasant stay that it becomes in the various moments of the day, a pleasant place of reading, of relax next to the fireplace and recreational zone.

The estate offers vast green spaces embellished by olive trees, firs, walnut-trees, poplars, pines that are issued along the sides of the hills mixin with fruit trees. The rural picture is completed with the presence of animals among which, raw of goats, hens, sheep and pigs a typical example of Sicilian rural environment.

img_intro_02Inside the firm a small rich lake of fishes can be admired, where free ducks and geese swim and different aviaries with splendids peacocks, pheasants and doves.


The structure also offers a swimming pool, garden, games for children, ample panoramic terraces, terrace solarium and private parking lot.

For the one whom the sport loves there am a handling, with the possibility to take horseriding or also excursion with bicycle, polyvalent sporting field, trekking through the hills of the ample estate.

The kitchen, typical of the island, uses vegetables, wine and oil produced inside the same agricultural firm. To taste: cheeses, sauces, preserves, olives and local traditional dishes prepared by Mamma Ada.